Planned Maintenance

Property Maintenance – Northampton

One of the key costs of running any building, be it a rental home, a factory or an office block is maintenance. It is inevitable that things will wear out, break down or just stop working. This can be prevented, or delayed, by regular maintenance and servicing.

ASD offer a regular service to enhance the capabilities of your building and stave off expensive and disruptive emergency repairs. One of the key benefits of planned maintenance is that it can carried out at a time and in a manner that will minimise disruption, reduce or eliminate breakdowns and fit into a schedule of monthly costs established for maintenance.

ASD Property Services offers the following – Clearing gutters, relamping, floor cleaning and repair, shutter and roof maintenance, PAT certification, gas certification, servicing plumbing and electrical equipment, repairs to pathways and driving routes, control of invasive vegetation, fire alarm and fire suppression system maintenance…. plus almost anything else.

If your maintenance schedule requires anything doing, then call us and we will make sure it happens, on time and on budget, so that you don’t have to use our emergency call out service.

Planned Services

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